One of the most revolutionary developments in the field of reconstructive oral surgery, dental implants are designed to replace missing teeth anywhere in the mouth. They are long-lasting, offering a natural look and function like real teeth.  Offering improved speech and chewing ability, implants make an ideal replacement for dentures while preserving natural bone, stimulating bone growth and lasting many years with proper care. Our board-certified surgeons have the most advanced training available and decades of experience to better meet your needs.

DENTAL Implant Choices

Choose from the All-On-4®, the All-on-6, a single implant or a total smile transformation. With dental implants, it’s possible for the patient to have a new, beautiful smile in only one day.


Dental Warranty Certified

We offer a five-year Dental Warranty to all of our patients for qualifying procedures such as bone and tissue grafts, implants, sinus lifts, and abutments. Your dental work is protected for five years, and it’s even nationwide if you move or travel.

Harbor Light Methodology

Using CT scans of your jaw and a three-dimensional computer model, an exact surgical template is created and used to locate the exact position of your dental implants before your procedure even begins.

Immediate Options

For patients with adequate bone density, this precise system allows a dental implant procedure – including multiple teeth – to occur the very same day. 

By using CT-guided surgery, our doctors are able to achieve the highest level of accuracy for implant location that results in less complications, a quicker surgery and a greater aesthetic result.